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  • Does car colour choice matter?

    Morris Minor

    There are lots of things to consider when buying a new car, but recent research has proven that colour is only ranked a top priority according to around 1-3% of the car-buying population. Yet colour should be given more consideration, because it can make a difference in lots of ways.

    If you are buying a car, the last thing on your mind might be trying to sell it, but the colour of your car can influence its resale prospects, even the value. Research has shown that metallic paint, for instance, can add extra value on the resale price of a car, and in some cases, for classic cars, sports cars or convertibles, a metallic finish can bump up the price by around £4,000 compared to having a flat finish. Interior colours can also influence resale value, with two-tone interiors proving better sellers.

    When it comes to car colours, many of us are still fairly conservative in our choices. Blue has recently been ranked one of the top colours of the moment, overtaking eternally popular silver. Not surprisingly, only 1% of the population buy a car that is pink, yellow or turquoise.

    The truth is, however, that some makes of car suit particular colours more than others. A Ferrari would not be the same if it wasn't red, whilst an MG goes hand in hand with British racing green. Some other makes and models are more forgiving when it comes to colour choices, with quirky Beetles, old-style Minis and 2CVs able to get away with pretty much any colour.

    Some people believe car colour can reflect status, with black or white portraying power and class. If you want to keep your car clean, silver is the top choice, whilst white and even black will require the most attention.