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Why Dealer Finance?

Considering your funding options

When looking to finance your next purchase, you may have several options available. Arranging your finance at the dealership is more often than not the best way to buy your next car and offers many benefits as opposed to borrowing from the bank or other loan companies.

Your finance agreement - your terms

Financing a car through a dealer gives you the ability to tailor your agreement and suit your needs. Unlike some other forms of credit, the interest rate is fixed meaning that you know your exact monthly outgoings during the agreement. You also have a higher chance of being accepted for a better rate of interest - PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO FOR A CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT EXPLANATION OF ALL THE ADVANTAGES.

Car-Link Financing Procedure

Financing your next car at Car-Link couldn't be simpler. The process is dead easy and quick, with approval usually being turned around in minutes! We handle all of the necessary paperwork for you, making it hassle free and you won't have to wait 3-5 working days for the money.

Personal Contract Plan - Lowering Your Monthly Costs

PCP is an extremely popular way to fund your next car. You will have lower monthly payments than a conventional loan due to the car's future value being calculated and treated as the final payment. You can still settle the agreement early whilst benefiting from lower monthly payments.
Your Options With a PCP Deal...

  • Pay the final payment and the car is yours
  • If your car is not worth the final payment amount you do have the choice to give it back to the finance company at no extra cost (Terms & Conditions do apply with regards to the vehicles condition and mileage).
  • The most popular option is to trade your car in and settle your agreement. If your car is worth more than the final payment you will be able to use as a deposit for your next car! You have the ability to do this at any time during the agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Hire Purchase - The Conventional Finance Method

Hire Purchase has been the most traditional vehicle financing method over the years. People love it because it is so simple. You can pay off lump sums at any time or settle the agreement early and receive a rebate for the remaining interest.
HP gives you a number of advantages over standard loans

  • It is quick and easy with the decision often turned around in minutes.
  • We get paid directly by the finance company so you will be able to pick your new car up much faster as opposed to waiting for the money to hit your account.
  • The agreement is secured against the car, not your home or assets.
  • You will also benefit from extra protection under the Consumer Credit Act above and beyond other types of loans.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Looking for a better idea of finance costs?

Every car has a pre-populated finance example. But that doesn't always suit you, so with every car we have a calculator that is simple to use and can be tailored to your circumstance. Whether you don't want to place a deposit at all or extend the agreement to lower the monthly costs, or you just want to borrow a small amount over a short period of time. Whatever suits you we will try and cater for. If PCP and HP options are available these will be shown

1. Select Your Vehicle

Find the car you are interested in and click on the link which will take you to the car details page.

2. Personalise Your Quote

Scroll down and adjust the variables to best suit you. No deposit, large deposit, low monthly costs... We can cater for all!

3. Apply for Finance

Once your happy, click the apply for finance button and fill out the form.


When arranging your car finance at Car-Link we will make your life much easier. We will tailor the agreement to your needs and more often than not get everything arranged within the hour.

Purchasing your next car using finance with Car-Link is cost effective and very clear. As opposed to many credit cards, mortages or personal loans, interest rates are fixed throughout the agreement. This will ensure that your monthly outgoings and final settlement do not fluctuate.

Consumer Protection and Security

Clarity and peace of mind are both crucial when entering a financial agreement. That's why our car finance plans are fully compliant with the Consumer Credit Act and the FCA. Car-Link are licensed to provide credit and must adhere to a strict set of regulations and explain the finance agreement in detail upon collection.

If you are looking to fund your next vehicle, and what options are available to you please call one of our team members on 01202 481199 to discuss further.

Please note that any finance examples and/or monthly repayments are calculated to give you an indication of what you might expect to pay for your loan.

There are many factors implicated in car finance companies making their decisions including personal credit status, therefore we cannot guarantee we will able to obtain a car loan at the rates quotes. We will endeavour to obtain the best possible finance deal for you based on your personal circumstances.