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  • What exactly are the advantages of a brokerage service?

    30/10/2015 14:58:16

    Car Brokerage Service

    One of our team from Car-Link here in Bournemouth, Dorset was asked this by some friends recently. They had noticed the term being used and thought they might have a vague idea, but were surprised at how comprehensive a brokerage service

  • Documents reveal Apple is building a self-driving car

    30/10/2015 14:54:25

    Used Cars in Dorset

    Rumours that one of our fantasies of the future may soon come true caused a stir in the offices here at Car-Link last month, so you can imagine the buzz now the Guardian newspaper has found unquestionable proof that Apple is indeed making the world&rs

  • Alvis TA 14: a true British classic

    06/08/2015 15:40:16

    Alvis TA 14

    Perhaps one of the most iconic British cars of all time, it’s hard not feel nostalgic at the sight of an Alvis Fourteen (often referred to as the TA 14).

    The TA 14 was the first post-World War II vehicle to be manufactured by Alvis. The model w

  • Used sports cars in Bournemouth

    26/05/2015 14:50:23

    a used yellow sports car parked by the sea in Bournemouth

    Some of you may be fans of the legendary Gumball 3000 and this year’s route for the grid of 100 supercars sees a start in Stockholm, and then on through Oslo, Copenhagen,

  • When did you first see Bugsy Malone?

    18/05/2015 14:57:27

    black and white image of Alvis classic car for sale in bournemouth

    If it was during its original cinema release, we hate to tell you this, but this happened almost forty years ago in September 1976! Bugsy himself (well Scott Baio) is now in his mid-fifties,

  • How To Care For Your Classic Car

    30/04/2015 15:57:21

    Classic and Prestige cars in Dorset

    It’s an area we are so often asked about at Car-Link of Bournemouth here in Dorset, covering both preparation and care of those treasured used prestige and classic cars. Here are some thoughts and tips.

    For starters, we do agre

  • So Nero and yet so Ferrari

    14/04/2015 16:35:24

    Ferrari 458 for sale in Bournemouth

    Here at Car-Link in Bournemouth, we’ve recently taken delivery of a car that simply takes your breath away. This is a bold statement, considering our regular selection of superb used prestige and classic cars. However, when we

  • Springtime cabriolet

    27/03/2015 09:48:49

    Used cabriolets in Dorset

    It’s official - spring has arrived! Bunnies are bouncing through copses, across verges, and over meadows of verdant green. Daffodils and crocuses have already raised their smiling faces to the warming sun, and buds bedeck the many branch

  • An alternative Easter

    12/03/2015 11:01:29

    Beer Festival in Bournemouth
    Easter Egg hunts and the like might be your thing – or tasks you have to undertake to avoid family ructions! Whichever is you, here at Car-Link, we thought we’d introduce you to – or remind you about – one of the real

  • Earth shatteringly good

    02/03/2015 16:49:16

    Used BMW X5 in Bournemouth

    The BMW X5 has been long been a popular car with UK motorists, combining great comfort and driving experience with go-anywhere off-road ability. It is a vehicle for those that want Land Rover performance but with a little more style and pan

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