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  • Why you should choose a modern used car


    When the time comes to replace their car, many drivers opt to buy new rather than used, in the belief that new must mean best, but they could be making a mistake. Here are three reasons it makes sense to opt for a quality used modern car.


    Do you know how many used cars are sold every year? The answer is over seven million. In fact, there are three times more used cars than new cars sold every year, and this means that the used modern car buyer has a much greater range of vehicles to choose from than the new car buyer - from high specification luxury Range Rovers to sporty Mini convertibles.


    You might think a new car could be a good investment, but in reality, buying new means taking a big financial hit. Everyone knows about depreciation, but the facts about the extent to which new cars depreciate can still be an eye-opener. Many new cars will lose somewhere between half and two-thirds of their value within the first three years, and in fact, the moment you drive that new car off the forecourt, it loses a fifth of its worth. That’s an awful lot of money you’ll never see again.


    The ever-increasing length of factory warranties on modern cars means that you may still be covered by the manufacturer’s protection when you buy your used vehicle. Even if the factory cover has run out, you can still be protected, because these days, the best used car brokers also provide this service. As sellers of used cars in Bournemouth, we at Car-Link offer high-quality RAC warranties on all our sales, which means that you can drive away your used modern car with confidence and peace of mind.