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  • The advantages of classic cars over new ones

    Classic Used Car

    Owning a classic car is one of those dreams that unites the ambitions of young kids with those of their parents.

    However, with so many new models coming out all the time, if you're looking into getting a new vehicle then you might be understandably torn between the two options. That's why we've compiled a brief rundown of why classic cars should always come out on top.

    1. They've got style

    A brand new motor straight from the showroom may look shiny, but no one's going to pay any attention to it when it's sitting in your front drive.

    Classic cars, on the other hand, have a character about them that draws people in. Everyone gets mesmerised when they see a golden oldie gleaming in front of them, and you'll find a lot more neighbours will stop to chat if you've got a conversation magnet like that in front of your house.

    2. A real driving experience

    Modern cars are admittedly comfortable, well-insulated and generally relaxing - but we don't always want to be wrapped up in cotton wool.

    Some of us want to feel the vibrations of the ground as we speed over it, smell the engine on full blast and hear the sounds of the world whooshing past as we overtake it. Classic cars may not be so padded, but they make you feel more alive.

    Here's where classic cars and brand new ones drive off in very different directions.

    Take a new car straight out of the showroom and you can watch its value plummet as you make your way down the road. Give it a few years and you'll be lucky to get over half the original price for it.

    Yet a classic car only keeps growing in worth. Not only will it be a better driving experience, but you might even make a profit out of it in the long run.