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  • When did you first see Bugsy Malone?

    black and white image of Alvis classic car for sale in bournemouth

    If it was during its original cinema release, we hate to tell you this, but this happened almost forty years ago in September 1976! Bugsy himself (well Scott Baio) is now in his mid-fifties, with Jodie Foster just a couple of years behind. If you are now humming ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’ to yourself over the next few hours, well, our apologies.

    Why the sudden burst of nostalgia? Well it was caused by the arrival, here at Car-Link, truly the home for classic cars in Bournemouth, of a stunning two-door, three-position, Alvis Drophead Coupe. This amazing Cabriolet from 1949 is presented in an absolutely astonishing, in fact it’s fair to say, an utterly sublime, condition. This is a truly rare model, glistening and glowing in the most glorious of reds, including the wheels. It’s powered by an 1892cc engine that is almost a work of art in its own right, matched with an interior where classic wood meets the creamiest of upholstery. Here at Car-Link, we are lucky enough to take temporary possession of so many truly great vehicles, but this Alvis even took our breath away. See why here.

    One glance at a vehicle that is almost beyond the simple description of ‘a classic’ will surely transport your mind to the sublime pleasure of summer days spent gliding across the South Downs or along the Jurassic Coast. Equally, you may be based anywhere between our Bournemouth showroom and the other end of the country. If you know what the single word ‘Alvis’ really means to motoring enthusiasts, you'll already be planning how to visit us here at Christchurch Road in Bournemouth and purr contentedly throughout a loving inspection. Call 01202 48 11 99 to arrange a time.

    Back to Bugsy Malone for a final moment. If the movie thrilled you anytime in the last four decades, the stage revival, complete with Fat Sam’s Grand Slam, has just begun a four-month run at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, which, like this Alvis, has been immaculately refurbished to refresh former glories. One thing is for sure, if you become the lucky owner of this magnificent classic car, then no young gangsters will be operating their splurge guns anywhere in the same postcode!