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  • Don't lease for your business, buy used instead!

    range rover vogue

    It can be tempting to lease a new car for your business, but then you’re stuck with an expensive rental that you don’t own, you’re limited on miles and quite often you find yourself with an appliance, rather than a car. If you do the maths, you can end up with something far more interesting that you can actually call your own.

    We have a Mercedes CL, an ML and a Range Rover Vogue on the books right now that would make a major impression on any client when you roll up for a meeting. There is even a BMW 118i Cabriolet that will show your fun side - and they really don’t cost the Earth.

    A car with a few years on the clock doesn’t show its age nearly as badly these days and modern engineering means a car that has been properly serviced and looked after is likely to go just as well as a factory-fresh model. If you’re at all concerned then you can take out an RAC Warranty, which will give you trouble free motoring and means you can rest easy, knowing there won’t be a big bill.

    You can also make major savings as the previous owner paid the price of depreciation and if you angle the finance right then you will end up spending less than you did on a lease car and you’ll own the car outright, so you can trade it in against a newer model when the time is right.

    So before you sign on the dotted line of a lease deal, check out a used prestige car. You might be shocked that the price works out exactly the same over the whole life of the deal and you get a car that you can be proud of, instead of an appliance you’re glad to see the back of.