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  • Earth shatteringly good

    Used BMW X5 in Bournemouth

    The BMW X5 has been long been a popular car with UK motorists, combining great comfort and driving experience with go-anywhere off-road ability. It is a vehicle for those that want Land Rover performance but with a little more style and panache.

    Those are things that this particular X5, the rare and highly sought after 40D M-Sport model, delivers in spades. On the road, the excellent 3.0 diesel engine offers smooth acceleration and as much power as you could ever want. The ride is exceptional - firm enough to give you feedback on what the road surface is like but retaining enough comfort to make it an ideal long distance vehicle; that drive for a weekend away would be a joy in itself in this car.

    The specification on the X5 is nothing short of superb; it comes fully loaded with 20 inch alloy wheels, the BMW media package, satellite navigation, panoramic sunroof, cruise control, heated front seats and four-wheel drive. To date, it has only covered 35,000 miles so it still has an awful lot left to give.

    On top of all of that, the reversing assist camera will ensure that you can get your X5 into almost any space, making it better in town than you might expect from a 4x4. Quite the package we’re sure you would agree.

    Used cars for sale in Bournemouth

    At this point, you will be wanting to know how to come down and view this amazing car. Well, you can either come down and see us at our Christchurch Road dealership to see the best used BMWs for sale in Bournemouth, or you can call one of our team on 01202 48 11 99 if you want further details on the spec or condition of the X5.

    There is also a range of car financing options available, so feel free to chat through your choices with one of our team members when you contact us.