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  • Aston Martin: an authentic history

    Aston Martin

    Buying a classic car isn't just something that is fuelled by a passion for the workmanship and drivability, but can also be inspired by a keen eye for investment and profit. It's therefore becoming an increasingly popular choice for classic car fans to purchase a classic car in order to experience the pleasures of owning and driving it, but with the view that they will not be making a lifelong commitment to just one car. A well cared for pre-loved classic car will easily increase in value and desirability to collectors and classic car enthusiasts.

    Many famous industry names, like Aston Martin, are now setting up departments aiming to help classic car owners and buyers certify a particular car as authentic. They offer bespoke services exclusively for owners of classic cars, and provide expert restoration services too. The main benefit of the department is that they offer a record of ownership of the car and well documented guides detailing the car's authenticity and quality. Included in this back-history will also be the place of origin or earliest known history of the car in question.

    Aston Martin Works have set up their department rather appropriately in Newport Pagnell, England, with its own rich history of classic car manufacturing. Their thorough certification process for the Aston Martin classic car range offers a two-tiered paid-for service that puts the car through a digital scan, ensuring it is verified and the information is retained. The car is then subjected to extensive physical, mechanical and historical checks which are considered by a panel of experts. It then receives a plaque and a certification of 'assured provenance' which ranks in level from platinum to bronze.

    The programme not only adds value to a classic car, but it also gives it a well deserved and desirable historical placing. Programmes such as this one should be considered before you sell your classic car, or if you just want to be sure of your current car's history.