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  • Why you should choose a modern used car

    24/03/2016 10:10:07


    When the time comes to replace their car, many drivers opt to buy new rather than used, in the belief that new must mean best, but they could be making a mistake. Here are three reasons it makes sense to opt for a quality used modern car.


  • Don't lease for your business, buy used instead!

    15/03/2016 09:50:19

    range rover vogue

    It can be tempting to lease a new car for your business, but then you’re stuck with an expensive rental that you don’t own, you’re limited on miles and quite often you find yourself with an appliance, rather than a car. If you do the mat

  • Auto Express name their top used prestige cars

    25/02/2016 12:04:26

    auto trader

    Respected motor industry publication Auto Express have named their top choices for buying a used prestige car. Have a quick look, and see if there’s any which appeal to you.

    Auto Express’s top choice is the Jaguar XJ. Jaguar’s new design tea

  • Brokers save you big bucks

    19/02/2016 10:06:07

    VW Photo

    Car-Link are more than just a showroom, and much more than a used car seller. Car-Link also offer a brokerage service, meaning that we can help you find the exact car you want, whether it’s a recent prestige model, historic vehicle, or a stylish classic. Much like an

  • Source the very best prestige cars for your business

    28/01/2016 11:03:52

    Car Link

    If you are in the vehicle hire business, you will know how important a car can be when it comes to making the right impression. Your most desirable rental vehicles will usually be the prestige models - especially if you offer chauffeur or wedding transport services. In ord

  • Inspiration for car collectors at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

    19/01/2016 09:48:29

    Porsche 911

    If you have been looking to purchase used cars in Bournemouth to expand your classic car collection, then why not take some inspiration from the Detroit Auto Show? For over 100 years this American motoring exhibition has showcased some of the world's most prestigious

  • The advantages of classic cars over new ones

    14/12/2015 13:30:07

    Classic Used Car

    Owning a classic car is one of those dreams that unites the ambitions of young kids with those of their parents.

    However, with so many new models coming out all the time, if you're looking into getting a new vehicle then you might be understanda

  • Aston Martin: an authentic history

    14/12/2015 13:27:15

    Aston Martin

    Buying a classic car isn't just something that is fuelled by a passion for the workmanship and drivability, but can also be inspired by a keen eye for investment and profit. It's therefore becoming an increasingly popular choice for classic car fans to purchase a c

  • Does car colour choice matter?

    08/12/2015 09:34:03

    Morris Minor

    There are lots of things to consider when buying a new car, but recent research has proven that colour is only ranked a top priority according to around 1-3% of the car-buying population. Yet colour should be given more consideration, because it can make a differen

  • Classic cars can be an investment

    17/11/2015 16:02:58

    Classic Car Investment

    Depreciation is part and parcel of modern car ownership and we’re all used to losing money when it comes to selling a car. If you opt for a classic, though, you could well find yourself with an appreciating asset.

    Some classi

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